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1000 Hour Nail Foil Black Silver Cross Hologram [!HR637]

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1000 Hour Nail Foils area revolutionary, easy to use nail system that lets you create gorgeous nails in miuntes. 1000 Hour Nail Foils are ideal on natural and artificial nails.

Application Instructions

Step 1: Push back your cuticles
step2: Lightly buff the surface of your nails to remove excess oil & shine
step3: Remove file dust with a damp cloth
step4: Remove the punch out piece from the backing film that covers the nail foils, then select the nail foil that is closest to the size of your nail. If it is too large use the scissors provided & trim to fit. 
step5: Peel the nail foil off the backing film
step6: Lay the rounded edge against your cuticle
step7: Once in place, heat with a hair dryer
step8: Rub all areas of your nail firmly with the rubber foil applicator provided then fold back any excess foil over your fingertip
step9: use a gentle downward motion to file off excess foil the nail file provided
step10: Warm up your nails with hair dryer and gently peel an edge of the foil off the nail

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