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4D Motion Cleanser Refill Brush [!KB11]

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4D Motion Cleanser Refill Brush 


One of the hottest item on beauty industry in Korea and Asia. With patented technology of 4D (right & left rotation + up & down vibration), our facial cleansing brush is the most effective way to clean the dirt on the face.


Most effective facial DEEP cleansing brush with waterproof and patented 4 directional movement technology.


  • Patented 4D motion technology
  • Super deep cleansing using 4 direction (right & left rotation + up & down vibration)
  • IPX6 waterproof certified which allows users to use freely during shower
  • Micro fine fiber brush diameter is 0.009mm with 81,000 hairs. (Human pore size is about 0.03mm ~ 0.05mm. This means dimension our brush is much smaller and this allows the brush to penetrate through the pores for most effective deep cleansing result.)
  • Clinically all tested
  • Proven quality by from famous cosmetic brands and all over Asian market

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