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Airstocking Spray On Micro Fine Silk Powder Natural [!AS10]

  • Waterproof & Anti-sweat - Let your leg looks brightening in outside!
  • Natural conceal - Easy to let your leg become flawless and smoothing!
  • Light & Breathable - Give you clear and breathable feelings!
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Silk powder and rich moisturizers designed to finish your legs flawlessly. It gives a smooth legs appearance while covers up uneven tone, bruises and pores. A 100% made in Japan legs foundation.

Simply spray air stocking on your legs to achieve the effect of sheer stockings, but without the tightness. Legs look gorgeous, healthy, and flawless, and feel soft, smooth and sexy. Instantly covers varicose veins, bruises, and scars and smoothes uneven skin tone. Plus, you'll never have to worry about runs or snags! If you like the sexy, finished look of hose but hate the feel, air stocking spray on pantie hose can help. Air stocking dries in just 2-3 minutes and is water and perspiration resistant.

How to apply Airstocking

1. Before use, it is important to shake the bottle vertically, about 10 times to evenly distribute the hydrolyzed silk, this avoids any settlement.

2. Apply the spray between 15 and 20 cm from the skin making circles. You can invert the can if you need to. The distance is key, and requires a bit of practice: too far away, it will not be properly applied, but if it’s too close, you apply too much causing drips and runs.

3. Smooth in the Airstocking gently and evenly on your skin using your hands. Once applied, let it dry for a minute or two.

4. Once you’re done, remove with soap or bath gel, scrubbing it gently.

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