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DESSATA Bright Rose Gold Gift Set [DES335]

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Bright Rose Gold Gift Set

Go one step further in your hair care! Detangle your hair with the Bright Original Rose Gold brush and take care of it ‘on the go’ with Dessata Bright Mini Rose Gold. Get a perfect hair just in two steps. The perfect gift for Christmas!

Detangle smoothly, say goodbye to pulls!

We have designed a brush with which you can detangle your hair quickly and without any effort. Forget about pulling or breaking the hair every time you brush, that’s in the past! Its bristles, made of a special gel, bend themselves when there is a knot, thus avoiding breaking or pulling the hair. Since it has three different rows of these bristles, in different heights, they detangle your hair smoothly without you noticing. Furthermore, it takes care of your hair cuticle and leaves the hair shiny and soft.

With the Dessata brush, you will feel the difference

Since the first time you use this hairbrush you’ll notice the difference: its design is totally ergonomic, so that it adapts to your hand and your head perfectly, but also so that you can use it without any kind of problem whether you’re right or left-handed. This design also helps you better control the strength you use when brushing; without noticing you will push less. It will always work: with all kinds of hair (yes, even with the most unmanageable ones), dry, wet, under the water or to apply your hair products. It’s entirely made in Spain and with high quality materials. That’s why you can use Dessata as much as you want, it doesn’t wear out nor it loses its qualities.

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