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Lakme Teknia Color Stay Shampoo Sulfate-Free 300ml [!LM3023]

  • Its acid pH seals the hair cuticle
  • The absence of sulfates prolongs color intensity and delays pigment loss
  • Gentle with the scalp
  • Strengthens the hair fiber from the inside
  • *Color Stay Shampoo Sulfate-free prevents color loss from washing 50%
    more than former Color Stay Shampoo
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Color Stay Shampoo Sulfate-free is dedicated to optimum care and protection of hair.

A formula with an acid pH to seal the scales of the cuticle and maintain color. Slows down pigment loss and protects the cortex from external attacks. Provides a natural conditioning effect as it has been reformulated with a 100% natural, wheat protein active agent, eliminating silicones.

The sunflower seed extract is an antioxidant active agent which protects hair from the effects of the sun.


Its acid pH seals the hair cuticle.
The absence of sulfates prolongs color intensity and delays pigment loss. Gentle with the scalp.


WAA: Natural wheat amino acids that act from the inside of the hair fiber. Complex with high moisturizing power, amino acids are absorbed deep into the hair fiber restoring optimum moisture levels. Hair recovers its equilibrium and the shine, softness and flexibility of healthy hair are restored.

Paraben free · PEG-free · Mineral oil free· Silicone free

Active agentsActionBenefits
Sunflower seedsProtects and repairs damage caused by UV radiation and the environment.

Gives color amazing brightness and prolongs shine, softness and flexibility.

Wheat proteinStrengthens the hair fiber from the inside.Stronger hair, more volume and resistance to breakage.

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