Lyajin Her Diary Vita Black Binchotan Sheet Mask 25ml (BERRIES COMPONEN) [LYJ103]

  • Helps to maintain clean and bright skin with vitamin complex of all types of berries, such as raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and etc.
  • Protect skin against free radical which caused aging skin
  • Alleviates skin hypersensitivity and manages skin trouble
  • Prevent humidity loss, moisturizes and strengthens skin barriers
  • Wrinkle improvement functional ingredient strengthens skin elasticity
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LYAJIN nutrition care mask in which 6 Year Old Ginseng Essence beautify skin and traditional medicinal plant extracts strengthens skin barrier. LYAJIN mask that gives elastic and beautiful skin with deep nourishing.


The mysterious medicinal effects of Red Ginseng with a history of 5,000 years.


The 30 types of ginsenoside components from 6 years old ginseng cultivated in Geumsan, Chungcheongnamdo – the primary producer of Korean ginseng, create an elastic and beautiful skin!


With about 20 types of traditional medicinal plants extract, it supplies moisture and nourishment yet strengthens the skin surface, creating a smooth and moisturized skin.


Key Ingredient:


Red Ginseng:

      • Skin Regeneration - The 30 types of Saponin Components structure the skin cell’s inner and outer layers, supply moisture and nourishment to tired skin, creating a young and strong skin through the development of skin elasticity and defensive power.
      • Skin Elasticity - The ginsenoside RE components activate the weak skin stem cell functions, enhances the collagen synthesis, increase skin elasticity, supply nourishment and creating vitalized skin.
      • Skin Vitality - Strengthen the skin layers and creating a glossy skin with rich components of vitamin A, B, C, mineral salts and amino acid.


Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract:

      • Excellent antioxidant, skin soothing, inflammation relieve.
      • Helps vital and energized skin by soothing and protecting sensitive skin against active oxygen and prevent oxidative skin damage.


Biosaccharide Gum:

      • Refer to a polymeric moisturizing agents obtained by fermentation method.
      • Form a protective layer through strong moisture retention.


Phellinus Linteus Extract:

      • Precious medicinal ingredients with about 96.7% of anticancer effect.
      • Helps to grant elasticity to wrinkled skin with the protective ability against free radicals which caused skin aging.

Portulaca Oleracea Extract:

      • Excellent antimicrobial action soothes skin, relieve irritation and improves skin condition.


Centella Asiatica Extract:

      • Soothing, balancing and nourishing the skin to find its original self-vitality and sebum control.


Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract:

      • Natural medicinal plants for ages especially for skin problem.
      • Excellent moisturizing effect.
      • Helps to reduce allergic reaction and increase skin absorption of Vitamins.
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