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Panier Des Sens Ess Lavender Body Lotion 250ml [PDS202]

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Panier Des Sens

Ess Lavender Body Lotion 250ml

A light, universal cream, rich in Shea butter and antioxydant grape seed oil. This natural and nourishing body care helps many to combat stress and insomnia. This lotion has a unique and lovely fragrance and rich in soothing and antiseptic essential oil of lavender, sweet almond, shea butter and natural active vetetable substances makes this a rich yet light formula. Oil essential relaxing lavender, sought-after for its regenerating and soothing properties.

Lavender with it's timeless, elegant and natural fragrance, calms and rests the body and mind. Products dedicated to nourish, protect and soften the skin.

97% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

Specially designed for the most sensitive skin types

Initiation To Essential Oils And Aromatherapy:

This historic collection, which embodies beauty and well-being, reaps its wealth from the heart of plants thanks to essential oils and gently initiates you in the science of aromatherapy.
Enhanced by master perfumers from Grasse, our essential oils are selected for their fragrance and their benefits.




A timeless, elegant and natural fragrance.
Relaxes and rests body and mind.

How to Use

Apply in the morning/evening on the whole body when you get out of the shower.

Active Ingredients:
Also known as "blue gold", Lavender is an aromatic tribute to Provence. It is the fragrant soul of the region, the fruit of respectful labor. Lavender essential oil is particularly good for sensitive and irritated skin. Its well-being and serenity fragrance is very efficient as an anti-stress to regain relaxation and peace. Thanks to its specific action on the nervous system, it also helps to reduce fluster, head ache and sleeplessness. The well-being touch: Strengthens the balance and wellness, regulates the nervous system anxiety. The beauty touch: It helps to heal and balance the production sebum and to improve the skin radiance.

All of the active ingredients used by Panier des Sens are selected for their natural or Provencale origins. One, however, is distinguished by its exotic provenance and its universal benefits. Shea butter is a natural product issued from the Shea nuts of the Butyrospermum Parkii, a savanna tree that grows in Central and West Africa. This exceptional robustness tree can live for more than three centuries! From the nuts, an ultra rich beige paste is extracted, which will be transformed in butter. Shea butter has many restorative properties. It softens, moisturizes, and deeply nourishes the skin. Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F, and fatty acids, this skin care ingredient naturally has multiple benefits.

Known since antiquity for its regenerating and moisturizing properties, its benefits are many and perfectly adapted to the needs of dry skin. Olive oil has antioxidant properties that help fight aging skin. A true alchemy of luxury, it delays cell aging, thanks to vitamin E which fights the formation of free radicals. It also improves the quality of the skin thanks to its nourishing and toning up action in depth.
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