RICA Opuntia Oil Gift Pack [RCA179]

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Opuntia Oil Gift Pack - Shampoo + Conditioner + Treatment

Unique care based on natural ingredients. The main ingredient is prickly pear oil, which perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and gives shine to our strands.

The kit includes:
• Rica Opuntia Oil Low shampoo 250ml
• Rica Opuntia Oil Conditioner 200ml
• Rica Opuntia Oil Treatment multi-functional serum 50ml


Rica Opuntia Oil Low shampoo:

The soft, creamy texture and the delicate foam of the shampoo make daily care a pleasure. The low-foaming shampoo is convenient and easy to use, rinses easily and leaves no residue on the hair. The mild, hypoallergenic formula is enriched with surface active substances.

Prickly pear oil in combination with keratin hydrolyzate and vitamin E gives the hair exceptional softness, volume and natural shine. On the other hand, extracts of walnut and chestnut shells provide protection against free radicals and perfectly moisturize the hair.

Properties of Rica Opuntia Oil Low shampoo:

• Deeply nourishes
• Facilitates detangling
• Gives exceptional softness
• Perfectly moisturizes
• Protects against free radicals
• Formula with color protection
• Mild, hypoallergenic formula
• Pleasant vegetable scent
• Low-foaming formula is easy to rinse
• Tames frizz



Rica Opuntia Oil Conditioner:

The conditioner perfectly smoothes the hair, giving it exceptional shine and vitality. Enriched with the precious fig opuntia oil, it perfectly nourishes the strands and makes them easier to detangle. Walnut and chestnut shell extracts increase protection against free radicals and leave the hair perfectly moisturized. The combination of shampoo and conditioner from the OPUNTIA OIL line allows for pleasant softness and vitality.

Properties of Rica Opuntia Oil Conditioner:

• Smoothes the hair
• Deeply nourishes
• Facilitates detangling
• Gives softness
• Perfectly moisturizes
• Anti-free radicals
• Improves hair hydration
• Helps protect against high temperatures
• Gives hair exceptional shine
• Prevents frizz



Rica Opuntia Oil Treatment

A nourishing oil treatment, protective, soothing, softening, and regenerating. A unique and multi-purpose oil treatment using prickly peat (Opuntia) oil. Special formula that thanks to the powerful active principle of Opuntia oil and the UV filters conditions and treats the hair from the very first application, hair achieves radiance, brightness, and elasticity.

- For All Hair Type, Unique & Multipurpose Treatment.

This extraordinary multifunctional serum has more protective, soothing, softening, and regenerating properties than argan oil!

Serum based on prickly pear oil works in the following way:
• Provides volume and smoothness to the hair
• Disciplines frizzy hair
• Moisturizes and softens
• Nourishes and regenerates
• Protects against high temperature
• Accelerates drying
• Gives shine
• Protects color
• Makes detangling easier
• Protects against UV rays.
• Maintains the hairstyle for longer.

50 ml.

Find out more about the entire Rica Opuntia Oil line and its main ingredient - fig opuntia oil:

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