RICA Repairing Deep Kit [RCA115]

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Repairing Deep Shampoo

Restructures and revitalises extremely dry and damaged hair [color save]

Our special formula is made up of basic ingredients from Sicilian Olive Oil and Pistachio, along with Ceramide, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Keratin extract.

The light, silky texture nourishes, moisturizes and repairs hair in depth, giving it shine and smoothness without weighing it down. Hair becomes soft, silky, healthy and shiny.


Olive Oil extract
The main constituent of olive oil is an oily acid which is very powerful in preventing dryness. It also contains Vitamin E and other anti-aging elements which fight the effects of pollutants to the hair.

Ceramide substitutes the original base of the hair which tend to disappear with age or due to string pollutants.

How to use:
Apply small amount to wet hair.
Lather then rinse thoroughly.


Repairing Deep Treatment 

Instant repair treatment for extremely dry and damaged hair 100% Vegan

Restructuring and detangling. Instant restructuring for very dry and damaged hair.

Our special formula penetrates deep down into hair fibers, leaving nutrients that repair and strengthen damaged and devitalized hair. Leaves hair smooth and silky.
Naturica Repairing Deep Treatment is enriched with color-safe formula in order to preserve natural or artificial hair color.

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