TheCosmeticRepublic Root Concealer 75ml (Auburn) [TCR124]

  • Temporary solution to touch up roots and cover grey hair instantly
  • Ammonia and peroxide free
  • Made of mineral pigments
  • Makes it more natural and friendly to your hair
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Root Concealer

Root Concealer is a temporary solution to touch up roots and cover grey hair instantly. It is ammonia and peroxide free, and it is made of mineral pigments, which makes it more natural and friendly to your hair. 

It does not come off on your clothes, your bed sheets, in the rain, or if you sweat. It does not drip or get on your face or make up. Its ergonomic 180° spray diffuser makes it very easy to apply, spending less and covering more! The greatest solution for in-between colouring!

Root Concealer comes in 4 shades that are customized to blend with most hair colours in Asia:

    • Blond: for light and blond hair
    • Medium: for light to medium brown hair
    • Dark: for dark brown to black hair
    • Auburn: for auburn and red hair

Root Concealer has been approved by experts in colour retouch and hair stylists. It leaves a natural finishing thanks to the mineral pigments used for its production. It covers roots and greys to perfection, and it will not come off until you shampoo it out. 


Root Concealer has been designed for home use and it only takes a few minutes to get the final result.

    1. Shake the can
    2. Spray 10cm away from the desired area. Hair should be dry and clean. Do not overspray.
    3. Use Keratin Comb to spray near the forehead and sides if needed.
    4. Allow 1 minute to dry

        *** Flammable Item - Delivery to East Malaysia and International is prohibited. ***

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