Fudge Style Skyscraper Extra Firm Hold Hairspray 300ml [FU6927]

  • Fine mist extra firm hold hairspray to keep style in place
  • Long lasting hold; shampoos and brushes out easily
  • Infused with apple and coconut fragrance
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Hair Gum 150ml

Skyscraper Extra Firm Hold Hairspray is an extra strong hold, firm, fine and dry mist hairspray with fixation factor of 8 for all hair types. Resistant to humidity and heat, it won't let your hair down! Build a shiny structured style that lasts until you shampoo or brush it out.


Effortless to apply, the dry mist effectively tames frizz and fly-aways with its strong-hold formula, creating a composed and manageable finish without leaving behind an uncomfortable crispy residue. This Fudge Professional hairspray assists you in achieving seamless, sleek and resilient styles with its enduring, weather-proof properties.


This hairspray has been infused with apple and coconut scents to deliver a luxurious fresh styling product. It will provide the most shiny, soft finish and yet maintain a extra strong hold for any style that lasts all day long. When you no longer want the hold you can simply brush out or wash out easily.


Benefits Include:

  • Delivers maximum long lasting hold
  • Super dry fine mist controls frizz and flyaways.
  • Lightweight, super fine, the dry mist can be built up and easily layered without over-loading.
  • Great for finishing styles
  • Helps weather-proof your style, providing long lasting firm hold, even in humid conditions.
  • infused with apple and coconut scents
  • deliver the most shiny, soft finish
  • simply brush out or wash out easily


How To Use:

Shake well. Hold at arms length upright 25-30cm and spray evenly over the finished style. Allow to dry. For increased hold factor, mist over hair again.



  • Contains recycled aluminium material
  • Widely recycled but please check your local recycling scheme to ensure they collect PP (cap) and aluminium (can)
  • No need to separate any parts of this product before recycling – they get broken apart during the recycling process.



This product has restrictions and can't be couriered by air to overseas.
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