Hair-Toxx Bleaching and Color Revitalizing Serum 300ml [HT009]

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Hair-Toxx Bleaching and Color Revitalizing Serum 300ml

- 300ml / 4.22 Fl.Oz

- Provides up to 30 applications* (medium/long hair)


The Hair.Toxx Revitalizing Serum revitalizes the hair, acting directly on the cortex to provide the rejuvenation and protection that prevent hair from becoming dull and lifeless. The serum also renews the hydration levels of the hair’s lipids.


It contains an advanced restorative power to its lipophilic nature. The serum interacts with the capillary structures in hair, replenishing the natural lipid layer lost to environmental and chemical damage. Even the highest levels of capillary degradation can be reversed through treatment with the Revitalizing Serum. The serum strengthens weakened, damaged hair, fortifying the hair´s structure from the inside-out.

And there’s more: beyond nourishing and protecting hair, the Revitalizing Serum allows the hairdresser to let chemical procedures like coloring and bleaching act longer without damaging hair. Because of this, you can achieve stronger, more vibrant colors, reaching the platinum blond your client’s always wanted with the safety they deserve!



Hair.Toxx is a full treatment that shields hair against external factors, both natural ones, and chemical procedures. Hair.Toxx should be used before, during, and after any chemical procedures, as well as part of a regular haircare routine. The perfect combination o 4 natural ingredients and state-of-the-art molecular research. A winning strategy in the battle for strong, healthy hair.Yes.



Hair.Toxx is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and is never tested on animals.


The Hair.Toxx Gentle Clarifier Shampoo completely removes all residues and buildup, without harming or weighing down the hair. It prepares hair to receive a Hair.Toxx treatment.




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