Hair-Toxx Frozen Flat Iron [HT011]

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Frozen Flat Iron

- reaches 23° F/-5° C to create incredible protection. 
This is the best way for your clients to keep their hair looking healthy and young and for prolonging the longevity of your in-salon service.

- It’s a filler treatment that refills the hair cortex with its Hyaluronic Acid and multiple amino acids, promoting strength, resistance, and flexibility to the hair. 

- Cryotherapy (Ice-Cold Treatment) It complements the Plastic Surgery Service for an inside-out treatment: while the products acts inside (in the cortex), the Frozen Machine acts outside (on the cuticles) promoting 3D shine and ultra-softness. 

- The Frozen Iron keeps damaged hair frozen out, even at home! It is easy to apply and your clients can do it themselves for fabulous hair during any season! 

- To prolong the in-salon service treatment received, the Frozen Flat Iron can be applied by the client at home. Combined with the home care treatment, it recharges the effect from the deep treatment, allowing the hair to stay protected longer. 

STEP 1 - Remove the thermal boards from the flat iron and put them in the freezer (2 hours approximately). STEP 2 - Wash the hair with Gentle Clarifier Shampoo. Repeat if desired.
STEP 3 - Remove the excess water in the hair with a towel, or detangle towel dry.
STEP 4 - Measure and mix 5 ml of the Revitalizing Serum with 20 g of the Protective Masque, using the syringe and the measuring bowl
STEP 5 - Divide the hair into1 inch sections. Apply section by section. Massage using the Sealock® Technique by (massaging the products into the hair, smoothing the cuticle with your fingers, and twisting each section to push the treatment into the hair).
STEP 6 - Remove the thermal boards from the freezer. Insert them onto the flat iron and immediately start the Ice Treatment bypassing the iron 3 times over each hair section.
STEP 7 - Rinse with cold water. STEP 8 Blow-dry and style. Done! The damaged hair is frozen out!


Hair.Toxx is a full treatment that shields hair against external factors, both natural ones, and chemical procedures. Hair.Toxx should be used before, during, and after any chemical procedures, as well as part of a regular haircare routine. The perfect combination o 4 natural ingredients and state-of-the-art molecular research. A winning strategy in the battle for strong, healthy hair.Yes.



Hair.Toxx is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and is never tested on animals.


The Hair.Toxx Gentle Clarifier Shampoo completely removes all residues and buildup, without harming or weighing down the hair. It prepares hair to receive a Hair.Toxx treatment.




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