Legendary Orchid Edp 30ml [YL121]

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Legendary Orchid Edp 30ml [YL121]

Meet "Legendary Orchid," a scent inspired by Malaysia's rainforests. It's called "Exotic Orchid For Extraordinary Soul" because it's made for folks who aren't afraid to stand out. This perfume is all about celebrating what makes you unique.

Unlock your inner self with a note wrapped around rarity and beauty, derived from the delicate, exotic orchid that represents Love, Beauty and Strength. 

Scent: Orchid and Light Fruity Scent. 

Top Notes: Orange, Apple And Green Lemon.

Heart Notes: Pansy, Magnolia, Cattleya And Muguet.

Base Notes: Peach, Amber, Musk And Cedar.

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