Yellow Liss Keratin Smoothing Treatment Kit [YEW585]

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Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Shampoo 60ml

Cleanses and detangles the hair perfectly. Helps open up the cuticles to better prepare the hair for the straightening treatment.

Smoothing Mousse 150ml

Temporarily reshapes the arrangement of the keratin chains without breaking the disulfide bonds, allowing the hair to gradually take on the smooth shape.

Mask 75ml

Nourishes the hair intensely, leaving it naturally soft and silky.

How to Use:

To be used 3 times a week for 2 months.
Apply on wet hair and scalp, massage, and rinse.



A straightening active ingredient that does not break the keratin fibers but reshapes them, giving the hair a smooth appearance with a semi-permanent effect.

Helps to keep the hair fiber agile and protected from external stresses.

Murumuru butter and babassu oil
An extraordinary blend that nourishes deep down and brightens the hair, helping to reduce frizz.

An exclusive complex containing aloe vera, wheat germ and uv filter for soft and silky hair.



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