[Travel Pack] Lakme Teknia Color Stay [LMT158]

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100% Authentic from SPAIN


Product Description

A travel kit of hair shampoo + conditioner + mask designed to care for dyed hair, contain organic active ingredients (acai and sunflower seeds).

The combination of these substances acts as a reliable natural defense that resists hair damage and color loss. The set includes three restorative products in mini-format: 100ml shampoo, 100ml conditioner, and 50 ml mask).

Products from the set can be taken in hand luggage. Hair color is 50% more protected. They do not contain parabens, mineral oils, dyes, and animal products.


Lakme TEKNIA Color Stay Shampoo 100ml

An exclusive and naturally formulated shampoo for colored hair with an acidic pH. It gently cleanses and considerably slows down the loss of color pigments.

Lakme TEKNIA Color Stay Conditioner 100ml

A protective conditioner. It cares for the hair fiber and provides it with moisture. The acidic pH closes the cuticle scales, extends the color quality, and delays pigment loss. 

Lakme TEKNIA Color Stay Treatment 50ml

The hair fiber is regenerated and moisturized. The long-lasting protection system extends the color quality and strengthens the cuticle, ensures ultra-shiny hair and bright color.


Product Advantages:

  • Sulfate-free
  • Its acidic pH closes hair cuticles to maintain the color’s resilience
  • Prolongs the qualities of the color and delays the loss of pigments
  • Antioxidant action



Active ingredientsActionBenefits
Infusion of organic acai and
sunflower seed extract
Protects against and repairs damaged caused by UV rays and free radicals
Anti-fading effect
Prolongs vibrant, shiny and luminous color
Shiny, soft and flexible hair
Cationic polymer derived from plantsConditioner and protective effectExtra soft, easy-to-comb hair
Protects the scalp


Fragrance: Vibrant with sage essential oil.

Qualities: Antioxidant and protective.

Aromatic Experience: A captivating, soft, and sweet aroma with sparkling top notes that melt into a beautiful floral scent, sublimated by notes of vanilla and musk.


  1. Apply shampoo to wet hair, foam, rinse with water.
  2. Apply the mask to wet hair for 5-7 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water.
  3. Apply conditioner to wet hair for several minutes, rinse thoroughly with water.
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