[Travel Pack] Lakme Teknia Frizz Control [LMT1291]

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100% Authentic from SPAIN



Product Description

Discipline conditioner for frizzy hair. 

Travel kit for hair disciplining shampoo + conditioner! Thumbnails of disciplining sulfate-free shampoo and indelible conditioner included in the travel kit are conveniently formatted and can be put in hand luggage on the plane. 

Moisturize and transform naughty hair into well-groomed and obedient thanks to a complex of hyaluronic acids and organic chia oil.  


Lakme TEKNIA Frizz Control Shampoo 100ml

Taming shampoo for unruly hair. Gently cleanses and controls frizz on straight and curly hair. Native organic chia oil acts as a protective film and ensures a more intensive moisture supply.

Lakme TEKNIA Frizz Control Conditioner 100ml

Taming conditioner for unruly hair. It detangles and controls the natural frizz of straight or curly hair. With native chia oil and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, it increases moisture supply and develop a barrier effect on the fibers. Creating smooth hair structure, supple, soft hair with optimal radiance.


Product Advantages:

  • Detangles, controls, and disciplines the frizz of unruly, straight and curly hair
  • Provides intense moisturization, luminosity and softness
  • No-rinse



Active ingredientsActionBenefits
Organic extra virgin chia oilActs as a  protective filmInstills more intense moisturization and luminosity in the hair
Fusion with a high concentration
of hyaluronic acids
Moisturizing barrier effect that
surrounds the fiber
Increases softness.
Reduces and resists against random frizz.
Maintains the shape of straight hair.
Prevents frizz in curly hair.


Fragrance: Zen flower with ylang ylang essential oil

Qualities: Strengthening and revitalizing

Aromatic Experience: Light floral and juicy fruits that blend together to form a moment of pleasure. The fresh, green top notes combine with the warm base notes to offer an all-encompassing sensation of well-being.

Application:  Apply shampoo to wet hair, foam, rinse with water. Apply conditioner thoroughly to wet, towel-dried hair. Do not flush.


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